Rocky Mountain Bar League (RMBL) offers fun, social bar game leagues so that you have a fun excuse to get together with co-workers, friends or make new friends!

We want to make your week better. We want to let you get together with your friends each week to play games you enjoy with a tasty beverage in-hand.

Yes, we keep score. Yes, we crown champions. But RMBL’s focus is providing a fun, social atmosphere for friends, co-workers and newcomers. We do that by partnering with local Denver bars to bring our players exclusive perks and drink specials.

We are currently offer Cornhole, Bowling, Mini-Golf Leagues. Soon, we plan to launch additional leagues like Bar Olympics, Beer Pong, BASEketball and more.

Be sure to check out our upcoming leagues to see how you can get in on the action!

If you’ve ever said or heard the following, you should probably play in a RMBL League

“I wonder what I could do to meet some new people” – You after recently moving to Denver.

“I haven’t seen you in forever, we need to hang out more” – That friend you don’t see nearly enough.

“Can we get next?” – The stranger at the bar who comes up the second you and your friends start playing a game.

“Can we play winner?” – You when you arrive with your friends to play a bar game but it’s already in use.

“I’m not smart enough for trivia!” – Your friends last winter when they tried to organize a trivia team.

“Sorry, Happy Hour already ended.” – The bartender when you finally make it to the bar after a long day at work.

“Wouldn’t it be cool if there was a league for this?” – You at a bar playing your favorite bar game.

Are You Ready to RMBL?

Why Teams of 4?

For our Cornhole, Bar Pong and Giant Beer Pong Leagues we ask for teams of 4 people.

Do you need 4 people to play? No. Each of these leagues only take 2 team members to fully participate. Here’s why we encourage you to have a larger team:

  • Scheduling Conflicts: Work trip? Vacation? Hot Date? You might have some or all of these pop up on your league night. Rather than desperately texting friends to find subs, you can first check with your other teammates and make sure at least 2 are still able to attend.
  • They’re Social Leagues: We all love our besties but sometimes it’s just more fun to have a few extra friends to hang with. There’s no rule requiring all team members to actually play, so invite some fun friends to join for the Player Perks while you do the playing.
  •  Attendance: Since switching to 4-Player teams, there have been fewer teams unable to attend any given league night. This allows RMBL to provide the maximum # of games each night for teams in attendance.
  • Still Have Questions? Email