Tuesday Night Pong Leagues

Bierstadt Lageraus – 2875 Blake St

  • League Dates: 3/10, 3/17, 3/24, 3/31, 4/7, 4/14
  • Spring GIANT Pong @ Bierstadt Lagerhaus – Current Standings
  • Start time is 7:00 pm. Finish approximately 9:00 pm.
  • Players Perks: $8 Beer Liters
  • 6-week league
  • 5+ games per night

Fall 2 ’18 – The Green Solution Bar Pong League – Tuesday @ Stoney’s – Final Results

Spring 1 ’18 – Tuesday @ Stoney’s – Bar Pong – Final Results

Thursday Night Pong Leagues

Wednesday Night Pong Leagues

Giant Pong Leagues

Bierstadt Lagerhaus – 2875 Blake St

  • League Dates: Coming Soon
  • Start time is 7:00 pm. Finish approximately 9:00 pm.
  • Exclusive Players Perks
  • 6-week league
  • 4+ games per night

Spring ’19 Giant Beer Pong @ The Rackhouse – Final Results

Bar Pong Rules

  • 2 Players from each team play. Teams can rotate players from game-to-game but can not rotate players mid-game.
  • Teams are allowed to use subs for any regular season games.
  • Set-up
    • Games will start with 10 cups for each team arranged in a 1-2-3-4 pyramid formation.
  • Throwing
    • Players must not contact the table while throwing in any way.
    • Players must have both feet on the ground until the ball is released.
    • If there is ever a “shooting line” provided, players must shoot from behind that line
  • Scoring
    • Making a ball into the cup counts for one cup to be removed AFTER both players shoot (‘Leave Cup’).
    • Should a team make each of their (2) shots into a cup it results in a “Balls Back” and the team is awarded an additional shot from each player. This can yield additional shot attempts should each player make their subsequent bonus shots into a cup.
    • Should a team make each of their (2) shots into the same cup (‘Same Cup’) it shall result it the following
      • ‘Balls Back’ bonus shots will be awarded.
      • The cup they made shall be removed.
      • The Defense removes an additional two cups (total of 3 being removed) of their choosing.
  • Defense
    • Distractions are allowed, even encouraged, by defensive players but MUST NOT break the plane of the table.
      • This means you are not allowed to block or obstruct the view of remaining cups from the Offensive players.
      • Noise levels from any distraction attempts are subject to the league location’s discretion.
      • Players should refrain from using any overly vulgar language. This is a social league where fun is the top priority. Please don’t be an asshole.
    • Teams can NOT “finger”, “blow” or otherwise interfere with any thrown ball until it makes contact with the table or cups.
    • Once the ball hits the table or cups, it can be gathered by the Defense without penalty.
      • The one exception is when the ball has broken the plane of the cup’s rim. Players shall not interfere with the ball in any way once it has broken the plane.
    • The ball is considered “Live” until the defending team gains possession of both balls.
      • If a ball lands in a cup while considered “Live”, that cup must be removed. Any cup made in this fashion will be treated like any other made cup as it pertains to any ‘Same Cup’ or ‘Balls Back’ scenarios.
        • Exception: A single ball can not be ‘made’ into more than one cup on a single throw. Any made ball that is subsequently dropped or lands in a different cup does not count.
  • Re-Racks
    • Each team can use up to 2 Re-racks per game.
    • Re-racks can NOT be requested mid-turn. This includes ‘Same Cup’ and ‘Balls Back’ situations.
    • Teams cannot re-rack for an End-of-Game Rebuttal.
    • Re-rack formations shall not exceed 4 vertical rows.
  • End-of-Game Rebuttal
    • When a team makes their final cup, the opposing team may be awarded a Rebuttal.
    • When a rebuttal is awarded, each player is allowed to shoot until they miss in an effort to make each of their remaining cups.
    • NO Rebuttals will be awarded for the following situations
      • If a team makes their final cup(s) in a way that would yield a ‘Balls Back’
        • This includes instances where a team gets a ‘Same Cup’ with 3 or fewer cups remaining.
    • If a rebuttal is successful it results in a 3-cup overtime.
      • The 3-cup formation must be a triangle in a 1-2 set-up.
  • Overtime
    • In Regular season games, there will be no overtime played. Instead, a successful rebuttal will result in a draw.
    • Overtime rules are identical to the rules that govern regulation play.
    • In Tournament play, overtime periods will be repeated until a winner is decided.
  • Tournament seeding will be determined by Regular season Win%. All teams qualify for the End-of-Season Tournament