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Upcoming Bowling Leagues

RMBL Early Winter Bowling League @ Moe’s BBQ


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  • Early Winter Leagues
    • Monday – starting January 9th
    • Wednesday – starting January 4th
    • Thursday – starting January 5th
  • Start Time of 7:00p (Practice at 6:30)
  • 6-Week League
  • Includes 2 games per person, shoes and ball
  • RMBL Exclusive Drink Specials: $1 Off Domestic & Draft Beers and Wells. $5 White Russians
  • $480 per Team
  • 6 players per Team
  • $50 Moe’s Gift Card to League Champion
  • Two nights of Bowling Poker

Location: Moe’s BBQ & Bowling – 3295 S. Broadway

Bowling Rules

  • 6 Players from each team play. Teams with fewer than 6 players on a given night can still input 6 player spots.
  • Teams are allowed to use subs.
  • Traditional bowling rules and scoring will be used.
  • All league venue customer policies must be adhered to and followed.

Team Scoring

  • The Top 4 individual game scores will be totaled together to determine your team score for the week.
    • Max of 1 score per player.
      • i.e. the 4 highest individual game scores will come from 4 different players.
      • With a full team of 6 players, this means 2 players on a team will not factor into the team score that week.