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Upcoming Mario Kart 64 Leagues

Society Mario Kart 64 League Details

  • New League Coming Soon!
  • Thursdays @ 7:00p
  • 6-Week League
  • Player Perk: 1st draft or well drink each night is provided by Society
  • 4 Players per Team
  • ONLY 8 Team Spots Available
  • $120 per Team
  • Location – 1434 Blake St

Mario Kart 64 League Rules

  • Teams are allowed to use subs.
  • Each week teams will race each of the 4 tracks of all 4 Prix (16 total).
  • A team member will race 1 track each per prix.
  • If a team has less than 4 players, they will elect which track(s) they will not race on.
  • Points will be awarded per race as they are given in the MK64 gameplay.
  • Points will be accumulated and then tallied at the conclusion of all 4 Prix.
  • League Coordinators will decide what track shortcuts, if any, will be automatic DQs for that particular race.