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Upcoming Mini-Golf Leagues

Mini-Golf League Details

Mini-Golf will be returning in May 2023!

Location: Aqua Golf – 501 W Florida Ave

  • Tuesday & Wednesday Night Leagues
  • 7:00p Start Time
  • 6-Week League
  • BYOB!
  • Pre- & Post-Round Drink Specials @ Dive Inn
  • Weekly Contests for Free Drinks & Prizes
  • Includes: 1 18-hole Round + Putter & Ball

$240 per 4-Player Team

Mini-Golf Rules

  • Your ball must stay in the hole to count as a made shot
  • No mulligans or ‘re-dos”
  • 5-shot maximum per hole: Once a player misses their 4th shot, they can pick-up their ball and take a score of 5 for the hole.
  • The “tee box” is anywhere behind the starter bricks. Your initial shot cannot be even or past the start of the bricks on any hole.
  • If your ball rests against an object (wall, rock, etc) you can move it 1-2 putter-head lengths in any direction, even if that moves it closer to the hole.
    • This does not apply to any “sand” traps or “rough”.
  • If a ball lands in water or out of bounds, you must re-hit from the previous spot.
    • There will be no penalty strokes given BUT your score should reflect how many times your putter hit the ball
    • Ex: If your tee shot (1st shot) goes out of bounds, you would re-hit from the same spot and the re-hit would be your 2nd shot.
  • If a ball (Ball ‘A’) hits another ball (Ball ‘B’). The owner of Ball B may choose to return Ball B to it’s original position OR to leave Ball B in it’s new position. Ball A cannot be moved and is to be played from where it came to a stop.
    • If the contact from Ball A knocks Ball B into the hole then the Ball B player shall add 1 stroke to their score and count it as a make
      • Ex: Player B had already hit their ball 2 times, then it was hit in the hole by Ball A; Player B would take a 3 as their score
      • You can’t get a hole-in-one because your ball was hit in by a teammate.
    • If Ball A goes in the hole after contacting Ball B, it counts as a made shot.

Team Scoring

  • Scoring (Best Ball Hybrid)
    • Best Ball is when each team member plays their own ball to completion. And the lowest score on a hole is used for your team score. Keep track of all players’ scores for each hole. Your team score will be calculated after the round is complete.
      • At least one score from each team member must factor into the final team score
  • Standings
    • Each Team’s place in the league standings will reflect their lowest 4 weekly scores.
    • A team must record at least 4 weeks of scoring to be eligible to win the league